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We are driven by the value we create for each of you — our clients and we remove all the friction you traditionally experienced with service providers. We help you optimize your customer experience, digital business operations, and help your teams adapt and learn everything they need to succeed in today’s digital economy. We never stop …. We can’t. Your success is at stake.

In this rapidly changing world there are 2 types of people: the curious and the resistors. We are the curious creators always looking for new and effective ways to solve your problems. We study the best design methods, we tinker with how to get the most out of technology and information.

We are digital natives in spite of our age. From creativity, to technology, to process, we use the most advanced digital tools and techniques. Because we are global, we use technology all the time to stay connected with our own teams and build our own companies. We lead the best practices in digital transformation, and we use tools developed internally by our own teams and 3rd parties.

We are Flexible, ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances. The rapid rate of change requires flexibility in the process, thought, creation, and delivery. Flexibility does not mean chaos, out of scope, or making a change for changes sake. We take the time to get clear and aligned, and then proceed, as planned. We adjust for the unforeseen.

The advantage of being digital is we can measure everything. Just because we can, however, does not mean we should. At Compunnel Digital, we measure what matters in the digital transformation of our clients’ business. And since we measure continuously, we are always clear on their ROI. We are measured in another way too — we are measured in our approach to technology implementations, as well as changes in staffing. We are always looking for ways to protect our clients’ investments ,and get the most out of their existing marketing technology stack and their people.


Compunnel Digital was created because digital transformation is vital and many companies are struggling with it or doing it poorly. There are thousands of consultants, agencies, technologies, and platform providers professing their digital expertise.

Compunnel Digital is not like others: we are purely client focused, we are technology agnostic, we exist to augment our client’s capabilities, and to help them bridge the gap between technology and marketing, so that they can deliver on the needs of the customers.

Simply, we exist to help our clients grow their business, help them compete in the digital economy, better serve their customers, and add skills to their workforce. We make digital work.