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Digital Transformation Leads Customer Experience in 2020

POSTED ON: February 7, 2021 TAG: Digital Customer Experience

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm and customer experience is no different. 70% companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. 60% organizations that underwent a digital business transformation have created new business models.

These statistics show how relevant it is today for organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey and change themselves digitally.

Why Your Digital Transformation Journey Should Start with Customers?

Your digital transformation efforts should not only restrict to changing business models. Rather, these should adapt to the new market reality and enhancing customer experience significantly. In fact, improving customer experience and satisfaction have been the leading influences on kickstarting digital transformation.

56% of CEOs are of the belief that digital improvements have acted as drivers for their business revenue growth.

90% of customers expect companies to have an online portal to serve them better.

Digital Transformation Consulting – Businesses understand that digital transformation and focusing on customer experience not only delights customers, but also brings higher economic gains.

Key Takeaway – It is thus crucial for organizations to understand the buyer’s psyche. They need to engage with customers and deliver on their ever-rising expectations of a multi-channel customer experience.

What is Digital Transformation: Straight from the Experts’ Gut

Shep Hyken

-Customer Experience Expert & Chief Amazement Officer at Shephard Presentations

“Digital transformation is bringing customer experience to an entirely different level”. Customers are happily looking for any channel access to the brands they like and support.

Digital technology enables businesses to attract new customers locally and globally while staying in touch with loyal customers across channels.

Janelle Estes

– Chief Insights Officer, User Testing

“It is human insight, and not digital transformation, which improves the digital customer experience. Human insight is, indeed, the most significant piece in customer experience endeavor.”

Janelle has a different view altogether when it comes to connecting customer experience with digital transformation.

Tiffani Bova

-Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce

Digital = Tech

Transformation = People

“If people are resistant to change, it will result in adoption challenges, inefficiency, and a poor return on the transformation investment.”

Key Takeaways

  • Customers drive business change and organizations need to stay relevant to their target audience.
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers’ constantly evolving needs, thus, building customer insights into offerings.

Digital Transformation Examples

In this segment, we see how companies make digital transformation an intrinsic part of their CX strategy.

Companies on Their Digital Transformation Journey

Vink VTS – Transitioning to a new Magento eCommerce Platform

One of the largest plastic suppliers in Europe, Vink VTS delivers a wide variety of plastic materials to businesses. These businesses include construction, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, and medicine.

Aiming at generating higher revenues and building on their user experience, the brand implemented digital transformation. It built a new Magento eCommerce platform. This platform allows their B2B customers access all orders, deliveries, and invoices online, and that too, in real-time.

As Vink VTS reworked on their eCommerce platforms, there was a growth in flexibility and overall scalability. The result was a 160 percent rise in website orders and a transition from internal sales calls to online orders.

Compunnel Staffing – Driving Digital Transformation Through AI

Digital business transformation is the key reason behind leading organizations adopting artificial intelligence (AI) in their HR function. One of such digital transformation companies is Compunnel Staffing.

Its concept chatbot “Leyla”1 matches the ideal personality of an HR representative in InfoPro Learning, the learning of Compunnel.

The chatbot helps employees to access instant answers to their queries on people, company, and what is Trending on Twitter. Leyla not only resolves employees’ queries, but also helps to increase the productivity of the human resource team. They can focus more on core HR functions.

Retail Digital Transformation

Nordstrom has been taking digital transformation initiatives to adopt a fresh approach towards customer experience. America’s leading luxury fashion retailer is known for putting a personal stylist in customer’s pockets with its TextStyle app.

Customer interactions happen and customers can effectively communicate with stylists and associates. They get easy product recommendations and purchase items through this app. Nordstrom makes powerful use of data and in-store experiences to drive customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways from Companies Moving Towards Digital Transformation

  • Identify issues that their clients encounter and offer digital solutions.
  • Provide informative, yet interactive content using different digital technologies.
  • Expand to new markets and maximize ROI through innovation.
  • Optimize on resources to deliver the best to their B2B customers.
  • Prioritize customer experience and follow digital transformation trends.
  • Enhance brand loyalty by delivering excellent customer support.
  • Strategically use digital initiatives to accomplish business goals (Digital Disruption).
  • Create and cultivate a digital culture in their organization.

Future of Digital Transformation: The Way Ahead

Are you now ready to transform your business leveraging the power of digital? Join the league of 80%1 of business leaders. Business leaders who opine digital technology will disrupt their industry, affecting 84 percent of businesses by 2020.

  • Average person will have more conversations with bots than their spouse.
  • By 20222, your personal device will know more about your emotional state than your family.
  • Technology will not only lead a good customer experience, but also will drive human emotions.

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POSTED ON: February 7, 2021 TAG: Digital Customer Experience

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