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Future of Mobile App Development: Top 5 Trends for 2020

POSTED ON: July 11, 2020 TAG: Application Development

Mobile app revenue in 2019 across the globe was 462 billion US$. The number of smartphone users worldwide have grown by 10.3 percent from 2018 (2.9 billion users) to 2019 (3.2 billion users). These and many other figures speak volumes on how mobile app development has a bright future. Let’s understand why and how businesses are gaining a competitive edge through mobile application development.

How Does Mobile App Development Help Your Business?

As mobile app become ubiquitous, enterprises across the globe leverage their benefits, not only to promote their business online, but also to enhance customer experience. Right from eCommerce to retail, and manufacturing to hospitality, mobile app development has become indispensable. Unleash the potential of mobility by integrating mobile apps in your business eco-system.

Grow your business flexibility and make it more scalable through custom mobile application development. Web and mobile app development facilitate communication, promotes sales, improves customer loyalty, increases visibility, enhance brand recognition, build on customer engagement, and most importantly, offer a competitive edge.

In this blog, we discuss on a few of the latest trends in mobile app development market.

Current Trends of Android App Development

Trend # 1

AI and ML Make Apps More Personalized

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are predominant in the mobile app market. Organizations are adopting AI app development not only to reduce their operational expenses, but also grow profits.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer limited to Chatbots and Siri. Businesses understand that applying ML to apps involves utilizing their analytical ability, especially when it comes to user behaviour. In eCommerce, mobile apps make personalized recommendation basis data analysis. As machines evolve and so their learning, you may encounter:

    • AI automated DevOps
    • Automated machine learning
    • AI-enabled chips
    • Interoperability among neural networks

Trend # 2

IoT Offers New Business Opportunities

The next big thing in mobile app development is IoT. The Internet of Things with regard to android app development is booming.

Mobile application developers can now create intuitive platforms to control varied non-IT equipment via mobile apps.

IoT has gained much significance in mobile application design and development. It has many dimensions and consists of several components, like sensors, cloud, analytics, and much more.

It is expected that the IoT market 1 will generate 1.335 trillion US$ revenue by 2020.

As businesses implement IoT at work, they benefit from higher employee productivity and reduced downtime. The technology simplifies work processes by interconnecting electronic machines and devices.

Trend # 3

2020 is the Year of Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets add to the future scope for mobile application development. Businesses are shifting their focus towards m-commerce, since IoT and decentralized platforms are entering the arena of mobile payments. These technologies power the mobile apps with highly secure transaction options.

As an example, Visa and Worldpay collaborated to provide faster merchant settlement through their digital rails. FastAccess Funding integrates Worldpay and Visa Direct technologies via a debit card. Merchants get faster access to funds from their sales on daily basis. Worldpay utilizes the card-based platform to transfer funds into the customer’s direct deposit account.

Mobile wallets are trending owing to internet payment systems that need more secured and faster channels for money transactions.

Trend # 4

Blockchain Technology is no Less Than a Game Changer

Among the top 5 trends in mobile application development, blockchain technology has been a game changer. According to a Gartner research report in 2017, blockchain revenue will increase manifold globally.

Future of Mobile App Development: Top 5 Trends for 2020

The technology has enabled businesses to create their own blockchain powered mobile apps, software solutions, and smart contracts. App developers today develop robust software and apps with blockchain benefits.

Blockchain coupled with the IoT improves the way mobile apps perform. Ensure faster transactions, mitigated risk, and reduced costs on your app development project.

Applications of Blockchain in the Mobile App Development Space

    • Payments/Transactions – eCommerce, Banking, FinTech, and Financial Institutions
    • Protecting Ownership Rights – Copyrights of Fine Arts, Music
    • Digital Identity – KYC
    • Cloud/Data Storage – medical record, student, and employee records
    • Supply Chain Management – drugs & pharmaceutical tracking, provenance tracking, food, and automotive supply chain
    • IoT & Networking – smart home, smart appliances, and smart supply chain sensors
  • Smart Contracts – insurance, real estate, healthcare, and crowdfunding

Trend # 5

Cloud – the necessary element in mobile app development

The world is realizing the immense benefits and possibilities that Cloud has been offering to businesses.The cloud technology has made android app development process more secure, reliable, and fast. Businesses are employing Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop powerful apps that run on the cloud directly. Web developers and mobile app developers ensure that these apps take minimal storage space on your smartphone.

Besides, mobile cloud computing technology offers full access to all technology resources through the cloud anytime, anywhere.

Upcoming mobile cloud computing trends include quantum computing, hybrid cloud solutions, and evolution of cloud services and solutions.

Mobile App Market is Declining: A Big Myth

Mobile development is nowhere dying. In fact, the future of the app market is bright. Mobile will have a positive effect on B2B customers and organizations. It will not only accelerate your business growth, but also enhance the user experience.

Google in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) conducted a study to gaze the impact. The study shows that mobile drives an average of over 40 percent revenue in leading B2B organizations. It is expected that B2B search queries will constitute 70 percent of the search queries by 2020.

Gear up and incorporate the current trends in your native/web/hybrid mobile application development.

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POSTED ON: July 11, 2020 TAG: Application Development

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