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How Does Cloud Enable Digital Transformation?

POSTED ON: April 15, 2020 TAG: Cloud Strategy

Businesses all over the world are highly benefitted due to cloud migration. Even Gartner survey says cloud computing will grow to be a $300 billion1 business by 2021. Remember the path to unparalleled business growth and digital transformation transitions through the cloud.

Today, enterprises redefine the way they conduct business with secure and scalable cloud-enabled enterprise apps. Besides, they leverage them to run their businesses with increased efficiency, serve customers better, and drive higher profit margins.

And then, you have all the reasons to choose Microsoft Azure cloud computing service

Microsoft Azure should be at the top of your list. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of companies use Azure as their cloud service provider. This accounts for approximately 30% of application workloads in the public cloud.

Using Azure, enterprises can quickly and easily test, build, deploy, and manage simple to complex applications. Azure cloud services support a host of programming languages, operating systems, frameworks, devices, and databases.

Having said that, consider why businesses are motivated towards migration to the cloud. You also need to learn how Azure benefits your business to lead the digital transformation race.

Benefits of Adopting the Cloud

The Cost Factor

When compared with on-premises infrastructure, cloud computing provides substantial potential cost savings. You can plan your IT spending, as expenses shift from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operational expenditure (OpEx). As you make cloud transformation an important part of your cloud strategy, you have a better view of the real cost of individual apps in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Migrate service for app developers evaluates current workloads of an organization in its on-premises datacenters. Analysis of your on-premise machines helps you ascertain if cloud migration is an option feasible for your business.

The service even suggests a virtual machine (VM) sizing in Azure to maximize performance. It is crucial for your business to have a cost estimate for a solution based on Azure. There is no actual transfer of on-premises VMs to the Azure cloud.

Minimized costs and the transition from CapEx to OpEx drastically lowers the innovation cost, allowing for a “fail fast” experimental approach.

Agility is the key

While traditional on-premises cloud infrastructure may take months to deploy, Azure provides immediate provisioning of cloud resources. This enables lowering the cost of innovation and ensuring a faster time-to-market.

Azure projects can move quite quickly and there is no need to provide for more resources beforehand. You can develop, test, and launch software applications, propelling business growth. Much time can thus be spent on infrastructure planning, security, and monitoring and analysis.

As a business, you can adopt and implement new ways of working. These include continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), agile software development methods, and modern application architectures that are PaaS-based.

Azure cloud computing services continue to expand. They offer you a stable, flexible, and secure IT infrastructure foundation to build on. This secure IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of any business transformation. You need an underlying infrastructure that complements Containers, DevOps, Microservices, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI & Machine Learning.

Compunnel Digital is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. It has helped enterprises modernize their infrastructure leveraging Microsoft Azure, while advancing process-centric operations to a customer-focused, agile organization. Our clients have been benefiting from increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and improved stakeholder experience.


Migration to Azure cloud services provides key improvements in reliability, performance, and security, as compared to on-premises infrastructure. This cloud computing service guarantees integrity and confidentiality. It also makes customer data available, thus enabling transparent accountability.

Azure’s infrastructure is designed, right from facility to application to simultaneously hosting millions of customers. Offering a reliable foundation, Azure enables businesses to fulfill their security requirements. You can access a wide range of configurable security options and control them. This way you can customize security to meet your enterprise’s deployment requirements.

As you put your workloads and data on Azure, follow best practices in security. Azure has built-in security controls to ensure faster protection across network, identity, tools, and data.

Azure Key Vault (AKV) allows you to protect and control cryptographic keys, and other secrets used by cloud services and apps. Data encryption controls are built-in to services, right from virtual machines to CosmosDB to SQL and Azure Data Lake. Employ Azure confidential computing to protect data in use.

New Scenarios

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services enable new application scenarios. Delivering these won’t be possible, or expensive if you use on-premises infrastructure.

In addition, new technologies, such as Machine Learning, Big Data and analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT), boost innovation and competitive advantage available only in the cloud. They even lead to powerful customer focus and insights. After all, you cannot transform your business without access to valuable customer insights.

Azure Cloud Services by Microsoft offer consistency in data services, programming models, DevOps, and AI. This simplifies edge or cloud app development. Azure Edge technologies create new business scenarios and build consistent experiences at the edge and running in the cloud.

The aim here is to also guarantee efficient current app management. With Azure, you can develop an event-based application that runs on Azure Stack, Azure, or a device that comes with Azure IoT Edge.

The Bottom Line

More than 90 percent of business enterprises already use a cloud-based service. You therefore need to incorporate cloud transformation in your cloud strategy. It is a sure-shot way to guarantee your organization’s digital transformation success. In this context, choosing Microsoft Azure can be the smartest choice in your cloud migration and digital transformation journey.

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POSTED ON: April 15, 2020 TAG: Cloud Strategy

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