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Why Your Space Needs SafeSpace

POSTED ON: September 10, 2020 TAG: Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision

During this pandemic scenario, it is easier to say than do when it comes to ensuring the safety of your workers and employees. Your company needs comprehensive workplace safety solutions. Our SafeSpace solution makes it easy. SafeSpace ensures that your employees safely return to the workplace and acts as the best tool for social distancing monitoring as well as occupancy monitoring. You need SafeSpace for your employees’ safety, higher efficiency, and better productivity.

What is SafeSpace?

SafeSpace is a complete solution to monitor, analyze, and quickly respond to COVID-19 and safety risks. It is known to be the first complete safety compliance monitoring and COVID-19 response system for enterprises. The solution leverages visual AI to monitor social distancing, proper PPE use, sanitization, and cluster density. Through its analytical algorithm, SafeSpace detects safety and sanitation violations and hotspots. The solution enables you to create opportunities for improvements in workplace safety.

Key Features

Real-Time Alerts –

  • Automatic SMS, emails, or notifications.
  • Get a notification within seconds of an incident.
  • Automatic alerts to violators.

Intelligent Playback –

  • Playback annotated snippets of violations.
  • Triage the person involved in each incident.
  • Show the reason behind each incident.

Site Analytics –

  • Determine zones that need attention.
  • Measure as well as analyze trends.
  • Correlate results back to the onsite personnel.

Safety Reports –

  • You get customized reports for each zone or site.
  • Access extracted screenshots of each incident.

    You can view summaries generated hourly/daily/monthly.

Applications of SafeSpace

Offices and Retail Outlets

SafeSpace office solution helps you manage your space and operations well to minimize high cluster density. Cluster density index (CDI) measures and restricts how crowded an area is to avoid the spread of cough droplets. The solution ensures that employees maintain proper social distancing and all PPE and sanitization protocols are followed too.

Retailers should let their customers know that they care for their safety. Allow your shoppers and staff to work stress-free, leaving space management, social distancing monitoring, occupancy monitoring, safety, and sanitization monitoring to SafeSpace. Sanitary Measures Index (SMI) considers high touch zones and periodic sanitization. The visual-AI based software guarantees PPE protocols are always followed strictly.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing companies that need to adapt to the new normal faster must roll out new standard operating procedures (SOPs). SafeSpace enables you to keep a check on your workers’ safety and hygiene with SOP compliance, automated inspection, and workforce management solutions. It is now easy to identify sanitization and safety violations round-the-clock, besides accessing analytical data on how to improve SOPs for maximum safety, efficiency, and productivity.


SafeSpace healthcare solution encompasses patient experience, regulatory compliance, and healthcare monitoring. You can easily protect your patients as well as medical staff with SafeSpace keeping track of PPE, social distancing, and sanitization processes at every step of the patient’s journey. Just attach your existing camera feeds to the SafeSpace platform and monitor all activity across the hospital. Analyze safety incidents to extract actionable intelligence and place your resources where needed.

Public Spaces

SafeSpace is an ideal solution for public places too. It features traffic monitoring, visual recognition, and analytical insights. You can be sure of the fact that mask guidelines and social distancing protocols are followed, as you score higher on the safety precautions index (SPI). SPI measures how safe people are in a specific area concerning safety compliances, hygiene, and PPE. People thus feel safe in public spaces.

Schools & Universities

It is crucial to assure the safety of students from the coronavirus and thus prepare schools and universities for reopening. You cannot, of course, use traditional measures for real-time tracking and monitoring of students, given the scalability and time-sensitivity issues. Through SafeSpace, you can reopen schools responsibly, track clusters of students, and protect them through social distancing monitoring and occupancy monitoring. Create safer school spaces for students and staff.

How Does SafeSpace Work for You?

There are three steps in which the SafeSpace solution works for your office, retail space, hospital premises, or manufacturing facility.

Monitor – The solution remotely monitors all safety incidents and activities across all your sites through Safety Indexes.

Analyze – SafeSpace sends you real-time alerts into coronavirus safety incidents. You can thus extract actionable visual insights via the proprietary AI technology.

Respond – Arrange and place resources where they are needed the most and respond directly from the SafeSpace dashboard.

What Do You Need to Do?

You simply need to attach your current camera feeds to the SafeSpace visual AI-based platform and connect them to the proprietary computer vision-based machine learning services. Then see the magic of the SafeSpace solution.

Is Your Workspace Safe and Sanitary?

Now that you have learned how SafeSpace works and the way it guarantees the safety and well-being of your employees and customers, you understand that you need a solution like this. Remember the novel economy calls for a safer and healthier work environment. AI and computer vision will play a key role, not only in assuring the safety, but restoring business efficiency and productivity.

POSTED ON: September 10, 2020 TAG: Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision

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