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    Leading Healthcare Services Provider

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Digital transformation drives significant improvements in patient engagement

The Company

Our client offers a comprehensive scope of behavioral health and human services in U.S.A. They continuously work to make a difference and improve quality of life through excellence in service.

Their core service areas include:

  • Chemical dependency treatment
  • Mental health treatment
  • Housing for persons with mental illness

Their core service areas include:

  • Training programs and publications
  • Employee Assistance
  • Workplace assistance services
  • Primary care treatment
  • Preventative services and
  • Applied behavioral research

The Challenge

Our Digital Transformation Assessment revealed significant gaps in the on-stage infrastructure utilized to help patients recover from substance abuse, including:

  • Challenge

    Lack of digital channels to assess, analyze and report on ongoing health assessment data

  • Challenge

    Lack of Just-In-Time management for sensors, decision management and audit trails of sensitive data

  • Challenge

    Inability to capture patient data dynamically (in real time) as patient conditions improved or worsened, which aids ongoing recovery procedures

  • Challenge

    Overwhelmingly complex data made it impossible to provide the insights about patients needed to take informed decisions

The Solutions

Enabled Customer Journey Stages
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Sell
  • Serve
  • Retain
  • Grow
Enabled Digital Capabilities
Multi-channel Interaction Management
E-Commerce Document Management
Customer Identity Management Customer Profile Management
Marketing & Campaign
Lead and Opportunity Customer Relationship Management
Digital Content Management Workforce Management
Marketing Automation
Social Engagement Management Performance and Incentive Management
Product Information Management
Compliance Management
Online Communities and P2P Virtual Collaboration
Data Management
Analytics and Reporting
Customer Feedback Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Multi-channel Access (online, mobile)

Compunnel Digital Developed

  • A custom .NET based solution for web interface enabling full compliance with HIPPA and other data security requirements. The interface enabled patient self-monitoring, integration with various mobile apps (e.g. weather, music and GPS) and dynamic user behavior tracking
  • Smart Mobile application to enable patient self-monitoring and allowing patients to register progress even when they were not connected to the Internet
  • “Smartphone Addiction Recovery Coach” (SARC) Mobile application to capture patients’ data on the go
  • Inbuilt sensors, GPS integrations, interactive multimedia to transmit intelligent patient insights
  • JIT AI (Just in Time) Management for sensors, decision management & Audit Trails of sensitive data

The Result

User Engagement
With the new mobile application, patients were able to pro-actively self-monitor their health and other critical recovery activities. Not only did this improve the overall health care for the patients, but our client saw a 25% increase in patient interaction with their software.

Operational Scalability
New digital ordering platform is able to support 10 times the volume of patient activity and reduce error margins to a fraction of what they used to be while abiding to HIPPA and other data security requirements.

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