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  • Case Study

    Leading U.S. Amusement Park Operator

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Digital transformation enables more effective and efficient customer engagement

The Company

Our client is a leading operator of amusement and recreational venues in the US, including the two largest waterparks in Utah. They strive to create wholesome fun for all ages all year long! In addition, the company provides ticketing services and solutions for local entertainment and sporting events.

The Challenge

Our Digital Transformation Assessment revealed significant gaps in the early stages of the customer journey (attract, engage, sell):

  • Challenge

    High complexity in the legacy ecommerce workflow, including managing season passes and content updates

  • Challenge

    Lack of bi-directional communications between the various databases (e.g. Gate Master and ecommerce system)

  • Challenge

    Hard-to-use content management system, undermining user experience and adoption

  • Challenge

    Inability to support an increasingly mobile workforce via multi-channel user access (online, mobile)

The Solutions

Enabled Customer Journey Stages
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Sell
  • Serve
  • Retain
  • Grow
Enabled Digital Capabilities
Multi-channel Interaction Management
E-Commerce Document Management
Customer Identity Management Customer Profile Management
Marketing & Campaign
Lead and Opportunity Customer Relationship Management
Digital Content Management Workforce Management
Marketing Automation
Social Engagement Management Performance and Incentive Management
Product Information Management Compliance Management
Online Communities and P2P Virtual Collaboration
Data Management
Analytics and Reporting
Customer Feedback Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Multi-channel Access (online, mobile)

Key features of our solution include:

  • Powerful ecommerce and CMS system enabling our client to create an attractive and user-friendly experience
  • Streamlined CMS so that the non- technical can easily maintain websites
  • Simplified ecommerce workflow allowing users to sign up for season passes, renew passes and avail other benefits
  • Seamless integration with different databases ensuring effective bi-directional communication

The Result

Compunnel Digital transformed the legacy ecommerce and content management systems into a cloud-based digital platform enabling users to collaboratively create, edit and manage content for different venues. In addition, the digital management platform enabled the delivery of uninterrupted and consistent customer experience via seamless integration of the underlying modules and 24×7 accessibility to digital channels.

  • 35% increase in utilization of digital channels due to online/mobile accessibility
  • 15% increase in Marketing campaign ROI (via ability to adjust content to different customer segments)
  • Simplified and streamlined flow of information among systems and databases
  • Simpler and responsive UI resulted in 35-40% increase in user experience satisfaction

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