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    Leading U.S. Based Telehealthcare Company

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Customized AWS Cloud Infrastructure Ensures High Availability, Improved Fault-Tolerance and Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The Company

Our client is a leading telehealthcare company that has over a decade of experience in delivering software solutions for clinical needs, such as telestroke, online urgent care, ED throughput store and forward referrals, patient discharge and patient communities.

They simplify telehealth with a suite of online collaboration tools that makes it easy to provide specialty services anytime, anywhere. These tools work together to provide the full continuum of care. The company was founded by practicing physicians. It has a board of directors and a clinical advisory team with extensive healthcare industry experience.

The Challenge

The client had deployed a suite of 15 applications using Microsoft® .Net 4.5 and SQL Server 2012, on the cloud, using a homegrown AWS architecture.
Our AWS Infrastructure Configuration Assessment revealed significant issues due to the lack of right in-house AWS technical expertise, including:

  • Challenge

    Constant downtime leading to low availability, thereby creating issues while accessing existing databases and reporting services

  • Challenge

    Lack of sound in-house cloud expertise hampering cloud adoption and successful migration from the current infrastructure

  • Challenge

    Negative impact on business revenues as the system needs to be halted during maintenance

  • Challenge

    Lack of encryption in existing databases making database security a matter of great concern

The solutions

Compunnel Digital’s AWS architects recommended a customized and suitable practice-based architecture needed to deploy the customer’s applications in AWS. Based on the challenges faced, the primary deliverables included enhancements for:

  • Assessment of the current architecture
  • Defining compliance requirements
  • Defining the required architecture
  • Tunneling with their internal network using VPN
  • Orchestrated migration process

Our solutions also included:

  • High Availability architecture design
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Subnets
  • Security Groups
  • Microsoft Active Directory Services
  • Setup Cluster Witness
  • Setup SQL Server Nodes
  • An Always-on database with required encryption
  • SQL Server reporting services with high availability

Migration from their in-house platform to our Amazon Web Services cloud platform enabled our client to

Improve Elasticity – Quick addition or removal of EC2 instances based on load patterns

Ensure High Availability – Seamless distribution of instances across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) within a region

Increase Fault Tolerance – Easy usage of inherently fault tolerant building blocks, such as S3, EBS, CloudWatch, SQS, SNS and SES, for storage, monitoring and messaging purposes

Enhance Security – Effortless utilization of VPC, security groups, IAM policies, MFA and secure access through keys

The Result

Compunnel Digital Cloud Solutions helped the company achieve its high availability and fault-tolerant business goals for its cloud system and applications. The cloud solution also helped the business achieve the following:

  • Smooth maintenance of systems and servers without hindering other business applications or impacting potential revenue.
  • Easy tracking of the work done by their offshore team via weekly status report generated through time-tracking processes. For instance, time tracking processes required developers to “clock-in” when working on specific tasks & then “clock-out” when the task is completed.
  • Continuous uptime as our team support’s the company’s AWS cloud infrastructure on an ongoing basis, 24/7
  • Operational efficiency as inter team performed efficiency audits for them on a weekly basis
  • Business continuity with the new fault-tolerant system which makes sure that the system continues to operate even when a part of the system fails, though at a reduced level, instead of failing completely

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