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    Top-10 U.S. Product Packaging & Design Company

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Digital transformation drives significant increase in order volume and size

The Company

Our client is the leader in “On-Demand” packaging. They offer standardized and custom product packaging solutions that save valuable time, money and the environment.

Our client caters to the packaging requirements of some of the largest companies across the globe.

The Challenge

Our Digital Transformation Assessment revealed operational inefficiencies, with high impact on customer experience, due to the following:

  • Challenge

    Key activities such as order taking and fulfillment were completed manually, increasing processing times and opening room for human errors along the customer lifecycle

  • Challenge

    Inability of customers to customize their orders in absence of self-serve digital channels

  • Challenge

    Heavy dependency on third-party systems for critical activities (e.g. creditworthiness calculation), slowing down order completions

  • Challenge

    Hard-to-navigate User Interface (UI), which made it hard for users to accomplish key activities online, resulting in lower customer satisfaction

The Solutions

Key features of our solution include:

  • Customized portals for all of their customers to view and process their orders in an interactive manner
  • Self- ordering system where customers could login, process and generate their own orders
  • Real-time credit worthiness validation of their customers
  • Customized reports that provide a snapshot of orders being processed through the system
  • Convenience of filtering the orders by customers, area and so on
  • Improved freight capacity utilization
Enabled Digital Capabilities
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Sell
  • Serve
  • Retain
  • Grow
Enabled Digital Capabilities
Multi-channel Interaction Management
E-Commerce Document Management
Customer Identity Management Customer Profile Management
Marketing & Campaign
Lead and Opportunity Customer Relationship Management
Digital Content Management Workforce Management
Marketing Automation
Social Engagement Management Performance and Incentive Management
Product Information Management Compliance Management
Online Communities and P2P Virtual Collaboration
Data Management
Analytics and Reporting
Customer Feedback Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Multi-channel Access (online, mobile)

The Result

Compunnel Digital digitalized key components of the ordering workflow (including self-serve capabilities), enabling our client to process significantly higher volume of orders while minimizing operational costs and errors.

  • Operational efficiency increased by 20-25% whereas the time to order was reduced by over 40% due to the new ordering platform that enabled
  • Instant order placement for each customer
  • Process-oriented workflows to manage orders in a systematic way
  • Optimized truck loading for most efficient delivery distribution
  • Lower maintenance costs due to automation of manual activities (e.g. dynamic profiling)
  • System scalability improved by 3 times due to higher platform flexibility and integrability
  • Better demand planning and forecasting, and effective utilization of the freight capacity, since customized portals allowed customers to view only products they were interested in
  • Simpler and responsive UI resulted in 35-40% increase in user experience satisfaction

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