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Case Study: Top-3 U.S. Construction Specifications Provider

Top-3 U.S. Construction Specifications Provider case study

The Company

Our client is the leader in “Construction and Building” specifications. It provides engineers, architects, and design professionals cutting-edge tools for creating and maintaining office master specifications. Their flagship product is recognized as the industry standard and is the most widely-used specification system in the U.S.

The Challenge

Our Digital Transformation Assessment revealed high operational risks due to the following:

  • Sole dependency on a single, unsupported desktop application.
  • Inability to support an increasingly collaborative workforce via real-time online and mobile co-editing tools.
  • Inability to marshal data online, restricting cross-channel user experience and association.
  • Inability to support an increasing number of customers using mobile devices.
  • Lack of smart data management to utilize captured information (e.g. reusing document styling parameters).

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