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    Top-3 U.S. Construction Specifications Provider

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Digital transformation enables more effective and efficient customer engagement

The Company

Our client is the leader in “Construction and Building” specifications. It provides engineers, architects, and design professionals cutting-edge tools for creating and maintaining office master specifications. Their flagship product is recognized as the industry standard and is the most widely-used specification system in the U.S.

The Challenge

Our Digital Transformation Assessment revealed high operational risks due to the following:

  • Challenge

    Sole dependency on a single, unsupported desktop application.

  • Challenge

    Inability to support an increasingly collaborative workforce via real-time online and mobile co-editing tools

  • Challenge

    Inability to marshal data online, restricting cross-channel user experience and association

  • Challenge

    Inability to support an increasing number of customers using mobile devices

  • Challenge

    Lack of smart data management to utilize captured information (e.g. reusing document styling parameters)

The Solutions

Enabled Customer Journey Stages
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Sell
  • Serve
  • Retain
  • Grow
Enabled Digital Capabilities
Multi-channel Interaction Management
E-Commerce Document Management
Customer Identity Management Customer Profile Management
Marketing & Campaign Management Case
Lead and Opportunity Customer Relationship Management
Digital Content Management Workforce Management
Marketing Automation
Social Engagement Management Performance and Incentive Management
Product Information Management Compliance Management
Online Communities and P2P Virtual Collaboration
Data Management
Analytics and Reporting
Customer Feedback Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Multi-channel Access (online, mobile)
  • Omni-channel integration platform for seamless user experience across all touchpoints –web and desktop
  • Collaborative digital platform for users to operate on the same document concurrently
  • Smart management of digital information by creating document parser that ensures reuse of styling implemented on previous documents
  • Cloud-based digital platform with zero downtime enabling uninterrupted customer access 24*7
  • Responsive designs for customers to have easy access through all devices including tablets, smartphones and desktop

The Result

Compunnel Digital transformed the legacy application into a cloud-based digital platform enabling users to collaboratively create, edit and manage specifications documents 24×7 and across different online and mobile devices.

Overall business productivity increased by 40-50% which includes:

  • 35-40% reduction in time to create new construction projects
  • 15-20% reduction in time to complete existing construction projects
  • 24*7 omni-channel access to all data
  • 45-55% enhancement in system availability
  • 20-25% improvement in online user collaboration
  • Enhanced digital business due to the ability to seamlessly switch from desktop-based system to web-based dynamic system

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