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Case Study: U.S.-based BFSI Leader Modernizes for Real-time Reporting & Analysis

Data Warehouse Modernization Leads to Faster Risk Assessment and Management

U.S.-based BFSI Leader Modernizes for Real-time Reporting & Analysis Case Study

The Company

Our client is a top-20 issuer of Visa® & MasterCard® cards with over 3 million cardholders and $5.3 billion in extended credit. They support a wide range of merchant categories and offer multinational and dynamic currency services, next-day funding, and daily reconciliation.

The Challenge

Our client had an on-premises data warehouse solution with limited reporting and dashboard capabilities. They were prevented from accurately measuring the risk of exposure of each of their merchants due to disconnected systems and the lack of a rule-based engine. Our client had no way to extract useful information from the data being collected, and slow file processing times and lack of real-time insights were negatively impacting their business operations.

They needed a modern data warehouse solution that included:

  • A rule-based engine for each merchant.
  • Real-time risk monitoring and reporting.
  • Custom workflows for monitoring each merchant.
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