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Compunnel Digital SafeSpace

Get Your Employees Back to Work Safely

Reopen offices responsibly, watch intelligently, and protect seamlessly with our workplace safety solution.

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Compunnel Digital SafeSpace

Ascertain Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality

Detect social distance violations, Ensure PPE monitoring and audit sanitization procedures for a safer patient care environment.

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Compunnel Digital SafeSpace

Return to Work Safely and Confidently

Ensure a Safer and Compliant Manufacturing Facility with physical distance monitoring, safety violation detection and automated inspections to maintain efficiency & productivity.

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Compunnel Digital SafeSpace

Get Ready to Reopen Your Restaurant!

Monitor physical distance, ensure safety and compliance, and maintain hygiene to create a safer eatery.

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Compunnel Digital SafeSpace

Prepare Your School for Reopening!

Reopen schools responsibly, track clusters of students, and protect them by creating safer school spaces for students and staff.

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A Complete Solution for Workplace Safety

As we all strive to maintain business as usual during a global pandemic, preserving worker health and safety remains top of mind. Our Safespace solution uses the power of Visual AI to monitor social distancing, sanitization, proper PPE use and cluster density. The analytical algorithm identifies safety and sanitization violations, hotspots and opportunities for improvements in Workplace Safety. To simply say, we have got your back when its about your peoples safety


Safeguard the workplace and protect the health and safety of your employees. Our office solutions help you manage your space and operations to minimize high cluster density, allow for social distancing, and ensure all PPE and sanitization protocols are followed.


Protect your patients and medical staff by ensuring social distancing, PPE, and sanitization procedures are in place at every step of the patient journey. Our healthcare solutions cover patience experience, healthcare monitoring, and regulatory compliance.


Monitor your workers' safety and hygiene with automated inspection, SOP compliance, and workforce management solutions. Detect safety and sanitization violations 24/7 and receive analytical data on how to improve SOPs to maximize safety and efficiency.

Public Spaces

Give people the confidence that they are safe in public spaces by ensuring that social distancing and mask guidelines are being followed. Our solution offers traffic monitoring, visual recognition software, and analytical insights to ensure public safety.


Let your customers know that you care about their safety. Provide peace of mind to your shoppers and staff with space management, safety, and sanitization monitoring solutions that ensure social distancing and PPE protocols are always strictly followed.

How It Works

Our Safespace solution enables you to remotely monitor all activity across your workplace, Analyse safety incidents to extract actionable intelligence and Marshall your resources where needed.

Remotely monitor security and safety across your sites

  • Detect social distance violations
  • Monitor PPE/mask violations
  • Track clusters of people
  • Audit cleaning procedures

Get real-time insights into safety incidents

  • Instant replay of incident snippets
  • Determine high violation zones
  • Review sanitization protocols
  • See who violates SOPs

Respond directly from your Safespace dashboard

  • Immediately alert managers of incidents
  • Enable automatic notifications or SMS alerts
  • Quickly respond to incidents
  • Generate daily reports to review and improve SOPs

Safety indexes to Mobilize
resources and take action

Safety indexes help enterprises monitor safety & compliance and enable actionable response, simplifying the transition to this new normal.

Social Distancing

Track distance between people, groups and assets in real time and get notified of violations.

Safety Precautions

Measure how safe people are in a given area with respect to hygiene, safety compliances, and PPE.

Cluster Density

Measure and restrict how crowded an area is to prevent the spread of droplets.

Sanitary Measures

Ensure that proper sanitary measures are being taken and mandated guidelines are being followed across your organization.

Connect Any Video Stream

Attach your existing camera feeds to the SafeSpace platform, connect them to our proprietary computer vision based ML services, and monitor safety incidents, extract actionable visual insights, and respond in real-time.

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