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Digital Design

Digital Design

We dive deep into the customer journey with our proprietary 3-layer review. Our Deep Journey Mapping process merges the customer journey with your organizational resources (people, process, technology) to provide additional insight into key pain points. The process captures and contextualizes three key pieces of information:

The What – We break down every step in the customer journey, mapping the key touchpoints, processes, channels, tasks, and owners.

The How – We craft a detailed and personalized transformation map that conforms to all technology, information, and governance needs and is deeply aligned with your business goals.

The Why – We identify key data streams and use them to get to the root of pain points by uncovering hang-ups in the sales & marketing funnel. By answering “the why,” we shed light on customer and team member behavior and sentiment and identify leading and lagging operational and transactional KPIs.

Design Validation

Design Validation

We utilize Google’s Design Sprint methodology, a simple approach to identifying and validating solutions to even the most complex problems.

Using a combination of design thinking and agile philosophy, a Design Sprint is a unique design framework that allows you to answer business-critical questions through research, ideation, rapid prototyping, and testing.

This brainstorming and decision-making format enables user-centered thinking and helps you to understand if you are on the right track early in research and development cycle.

In just 4 days, our team can help your organization not only validate solutions from real customers and users, but also help add value to the idea itself through intense collaboration, which usually can take months to accomplish.

Our timeboxed, problem-solving framework increases the chances of creating something that users want.

Whether the recommended solution is a chatbot, enterprise application, or pricing model, our expert Design Sprint facilitators can help increase the speed to value.

Agile Execution /
Technology Consulting

Agile Execution

The widening gap between digital and traditional transaction models has reshaped all aspects of daily business. This transformation demands that organizations, governments, design methods, and business models move towards an increasingly agile and open approach. When designing solutions for our clients, we use a holistic approach that encourages a DevOps culture to facilitate agility and scalability.

Our team of expert engineers works at the forefront of trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Engineering, Cloud Transformation, and more. Each of our solutions is custom-crafted to our clients’ needs and incorporates the tech that will best deliver results.