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eBook: Adapting Your Data Analytics Strategy to the New Normal

Leverage Analytics to Help Your Company Thrive in the Novel Economy


Covid-19 has upended all traditional business models and made years of carefully curated data and forecasting practically irrelevant. With the world on its head, consumers can’t be expected to behave the same way they did 6 months ago, and we’ve witnessed major shifts in how and where people and businesses are spending their money. This new normal— the “novel economy” as many have dubbed it—requires business leaders to think on their feet and adjust course quickly while managing the economic impact of lockdowns, consumer fear, and continual uncertainty. The decisions they make today will affect their company’s trajectory for years to come, so it is more important than ever to be empowered to make informed business decisions.

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  • Data challenges in the new normal
  • How data can help you navigate the Covid-19 crisis?
  • 5 steps to adjust your analytics strategy to current market conditions
  • Best practices for ensuring long-term success in analytics
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