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eBook: How Digital Business Platforms Carve a Path to Digital Operational Excellence?


The digital business platform market worldwide is projected to grow by US$ 10.7 billion, driven by 15.1% compounded growth, according to the “Digital Commerce Platform – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts” report by Research and Markets.

The platform economy is emerging to be one of the most robust manifestations of the digital revolution, better known as the “fourth industrial revolution”. Thanks to the rapid advances and declining costs of cloud, mobile, and analytics, digital platforms are disrupting and dominating markets to create big communities, delivering delightful customer experiences, and providing new forms of value creation and innovation. Having understood the relevance of digital business platforms, this eBook is a must-have to learn all you need to about these platforms.

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  • The Growing Need for Digital Business Platforms
  • Understanding Digital Business Platforms
  • What Capabilities Do Digital Business Platforms Offer?
  • Why Are Digital Business Platforms Crucial for Your Business?
  • How to Enable Digital Business Platforms?
  • Digital Business Platforms – a Path to Digital Operational Excellence
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