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POSTED ON: January 7, 2020

What is Cloud Governance?

Cloud Governance is the people, processes, and technologies associated with cloud infrastructure, security, and operations. It is a way of managing an organization’s cloud presence to best optimize resources and curb overspending and waste. Cloud governance is crucial for any organization operating in the cloud, as it helps control secure and private data—making it essential for regulatory compliance. Cloud governance involves a framework with a set of policies and standard practices, for example for cost optimization, resiliency, security, or compliance. Governance keeps an organization on track and in compliance with ever-shifting regulatory and security demands and helps businesses adapt quickly to new services and organizational growth.

Business benefits of cloud governance

  1. Unified view of cost and IT utilization
  2. Minimized risk of data loss
  3. Less wasted IT spending
  4. Curbed shadow IT
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