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POSTED ON: November 3, 2020

What is Image Recognition?

Image recognition technologies try to detect objects, buildings, people, logos, places, and anything else that brings value to enterprises as well as customers. Tablets and smartphones equipped with cameras have pushed image recognition from primarily industrial applications to consumer-based applications. For instance, cars, landmarks, wine labels, logos, and book and album covers can be recognized by consumer smartphones through a mobile app that accesses image recognition software in the cloud. This technology can transform a picture into a hyperlink to service, information, coupon, or video. It can also be used in the search. Image recognition is often used in security and content management.

Business Benefits of Image Recognition

  1. Enhances ROI
  2. Improves efficiency and precision in industries where automation is required
  3. Improves fraud detection
  4. Makes process management in business highly efficient
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