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POSTED ON: May 15, 2021

What is Immersive Analytics?

Immersive Analytics is the use of immersive technologies (typically AR, VR, and MR) to support data exploration, decision making, and collaboration as part of a multiexperience. Natural language generation (within the environment), augmented analytics (to present the data), and chatbots (to ask what is irrelevant within the data present), form the unique combination of multiexperience within immersive analytics.

Lying at the intersection of the visualization disciplines in hybrid reality, data science, and 3D interfaces and intersection, Immersive Analytics examines how new interaction and display technologies support decision making and analytical reasoning. This science enables you to derive data insights through powerful visualization, interaction, and display techniques. Immersive analytics solution enables you to intuitively explore big data across several dimensions at once. You gain new insights faster with a single, clear view. 

Business Benefits of Immersive Analytics

  1. Provides seamless brand experience to customers
  2. Helps to deliver customized content to the audience
  3. Improves your business’ customer retention abilities
  4. Allows you to predict customer behavior more accurately
  5. Enables enterprises to improve their product and service quality
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