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POSTED ON: November 3, 2021

What is Security Governance?

Security governance refers to a process in which we supervise the cybersecurity teams responsible for minimizing business risks. Security governance leaders decide on which risks should be prioritized so that the efforts of security teams are focused on business goals instead of their own. Besides, leaders govern the interaction of reducing recognized business risks, addressing internal and external threats, and dealing with regulatory compliance. By integrating high-quality security governance and risk management with a combined approach to physical and logical security, organizations benefit from competing in the global economy with a differentiated advantage via an optimized IT infrastructure and enhanced protection for their physical, digital, and human assets.

Business Benefits of Security Governance 


  1. Protects your business reputation
  2. Increases your data management capabilities
  3. Saves you from paying fines and penalties
  4. Hones operational efficiency
  5. Promotes company culture
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