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POSTED ON: November 3, 2020

What is Service Mesh?

Service Mesh can be defined as distributed middleware that optimizes communications between application services, especially when it comes to microservices. Designed to tackle a high volume of network-based inter-process communication among application infrastructure services using APIs, a service mesh is a configurable, low-latency infrastructure layer. A service mesh assures that communication among containerized and mostly ephemeral application infrastructure services is secure, reliable, and fast. It is known to offer critical capabilities like service discovery, encryption, load balancing, traceability, observability, authentication and authorization, and support for the circuit breaker pattern. The service mesh is generally implemented by providing a proxy instance, called a sidecar, for each service instance.

Business Benefits of Service Mesh

  1. Enhances the efficiency and productivity of developers
  2. Accelerates time-to-market
  3. Improves microservices security
  4. Helps to ensure service availability
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