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POSTED ON: January 7, 2020

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) offers a computer-generated 3D environment, inclusive of computer graphics and 360-degree video, that surrounds a user and responds to the actions of an individual in a natural manner, generally through immersive head-mounted displays. Gesture recognition or handheld controllers provide body and hand tracking, and haptic or touch-sensitive feedback may be incorporated. Besides, room-based systems offer a 3D experience, as you move around large areas, or they can be used with various participants. The virtual environment is perceived via a device called a virtual reality handset or helmet. Virtual reality allows us to immerse ourselves fully in video games as if we were one of the characters in them. A few of the applications of virtual reality include military, healthcare, fashion, business, education, entertainment, and many more.

Business Benefits of Virtual Reality

  1. Allows for a more focused and immersive shopping experience
  2. Introduces established products to new audiences
  3. Offers advanced business and consumer analytics
  4. Boosts the efficiency of employee training
  5. Improves customer experience
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