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POSTED ON: August 25, 2020

What are Wearables?

Wearable computers and their interfaces are designed in a manner that they can be worn on the body, in the form of a wrist-mounted screen or head-mounted display, aimed at enabling mobility and eyes-free/hands-free activities. Consumer uses include computer-ready clothing, display peripherals, and smart fabrics. Traditional uses comprise mobile industrial inspection, maintenance, and the military. Wearable computers can store and process data. Designed for convenience and accessibility, besides improvements to workplaces, they can make information readily and quickly available to the wearer.

Business Benefits of a Wearable Computer

  1. Boosts employee productivity by improving employee operations
  2. Ensures availability of real-time business information
  3. Increases employee satisfaction
  4. Provides access to a wide variety of data to make informed business decisions
  5. Increases the speed of output with fewer interruptions in workflow
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