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    Connecting customers
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    Let’s enable your customers to transact with you- anytime, anywhere.

Next is the customer first approach

Enabling connected and empowered customers embark on a transformative digitalization journey.

With changing market dynamics, leading banking and financial organizations are battling with tough macroeconomic conditions, high regulatory scrutiny and increase in non-traditional competitors. These circumstances are driving an unprecedented wave to become digital-first as customer engagements shift from physical interactions to digital engagements.

Compunnel Digital assists organizations in this effort by migrating applications to the cloud, building open API infrastructures, and implementing artificial intelligence. This helps them to simplify complex decision-making, offers superior customer experiences & competitive business models, and deliver extreme operational efficiency.

What We Do

Transforming digital experiences for banking and financial institutions to leap-frog their competition.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Perform a 3-layer analysis of your customers to capture their unique personalities and path to purchase.

Anti-Money Laundering

Implement AI and ML to increase the accuracy of flagging the financial transactions which require manual oversight.

Merchant Management

Automate the consolidation and reporting of merchants to identify the most profitable channels.

Open Banking

Accelerate innovation by enabling back-end applications to consume front-end APIs.

Self-Service Portal

Reduce cost to serve customers by exposing more data and decision-making power to the end-user within a secure omnichannel platform.