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    Steering patient centric solutions

    Delivering personlized patient experience across all touch-points.

Innovation driven healthcare

We deliver at par patient experience across all touch-points.

Today, the healthcare sector is driven by personalized, precise, connected and innovative solutions. Foreseeing health outcomes as the central theme, various digital trends are fueling the healthcare companies to achieve various objectives such as improve the patient care experience, optimize health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. It is imperative to update the legacy technology systems which have piled up over a period, to address cost reduction and deliver personalized care. This also calls for an urgent need to integrate disparate systems and processes along with multi-touchpoint optimization to deliver seamless communication between various stakeholders. Compunnel Digital strives to help you meet these demands of today and prepare you for tomorrow.

What We Do

Improve healthcare outcomes while reducing cost with our innovative solutions for healthcare process transformation.

Digital patient experience

Provide bespoke consumer engagement applications and patient e-portals with cloud-based data collection, monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Clinical & health management

Instill healthcare software solutions for patient records maintenance, tracking progress and deliver personalized care.

Medical practice management & operations

Digital software solutions for facility management, equipment tracking and various internal processes and procedures.

Mobile health

Provide digital mobile solutions for patients and providers and integrate these solutions with existing applications and systems.

Patient and Provider engagement

Deliver advanced analytics ecosystem to improve engagement with patients and caregivers.

Learning Management Systems

Deliver LMS solutions to hospitals for improving patient care with effective training courses, track learner progress and improve the learning experience.