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Are Retail Spaces Safe to Function?

POSTED ON: July 28, 2020 TAG: Computer vision

Ensuring the safety of workers and customers is the top priority of retailers. By their very nature, retail establishments bring people from different walks of life together in a single, confined space. It thus becomes most important for them to take steps and prevent the spread of coronavirus to workers and customers in their stores. Besides, offices must comply with their obligations to maintain good hygiene practices and enforce distancing amongst their employees. Though work-from-home has become the highlight of the “new normal”, not every business can run from the four walls of the house. This is where technology comes in handy and computer vision systems help to ensure that your workers are safe with minimal chances of repeated virus outbreaks.

Are Retail Spaces Safe to Function

Are you ready for better health and safety of your workers?

Most of the enterprises across industries understand the value and significance of a safety culture. They have ideas about what a hyper-vigilant safety culture should look like, where employees are on a high alert of their work surroundings, constantly assessing risks for the task at hand and taking necessary precautions. Computer vision algorithms can recognize edges, objects, and velocity due to the advancements of machine vision, making these AI-based systems perfect in the retail industry’s efforts to protect customers and staff.

POSTED ON: July 28, 2020 TAG: Computer vision

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