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How do Real-Time APIs Power Human Life?

POSTED ON: July 1, 2020 TAG: Microservices

Real-time experiences need real-time APIs and they act as the connective tissue of delightful digital experiences. Uber retrieving Google Map data via an API call, or Amazon connecting in-store Go infrastructure with a sensor, analytics, and vision capabilities via API calls, are all illustrations of real-time APIs.

Remember your API infrastructure must process API calls in 30 milliseconds or less. Real-time must be less than 30 milliseconds. For a few use cases, you need as little as 6 milliseconds.


But what are real-time APIs?

Streaming, Pub/Sub, and Push APIs refer to all the patterns that may be delivered through event-driven architecture. But the outcomes of these patterns are all real-time functionality. They are a means of capturing data from producer to a subscriber in the shortest time possible, hence, the term real-time APIs.

Having learned what is real-time APIs, it is worth mentioning how they make our lives powerful due to their large variety of applications in the digital world. Let’s begin.

how real-time APIs

Why managing real-time APIs are crucial (Conclusion)

A lack of real-time APIs hampers the adoption of disruptive services, which in turn, stalls revenue and market expansion for your business. Use APIs to enable digital business as well as power modern, microservices architecture. Only with a high-performance API management solution can you deliver transformative experiences to your consumers.

POSTED ON: July 1, 2020 TAG: Microservices

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