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How Does Visual AI Help to Ensure Your Workers’ Safety?

POSTED ON: March 17, 2021 TAG: Computer vision

This is the era of increased uncertainty and long-lasting changes to the work environment. In particular, the manufacturing sector faces significant operational challenges in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the main challenge being to ensure workplace safety. As frontline manufacturing workers can’t work from home, plant leaders are looking for ways to operate through the ongoing crisis with a lasting need to maintain physical distancing and better hygiene.

In a scenario where the most crucial focus for every manufacturer is to keep their workers safe with repeated outbreaks becoming a persistent threat, AI-based computer vision workplace safety solutions are gaining prominence.


Are you ready to operate in the new normal?

The coronavirus will have long-lasting, maybe permanent effects on manufacturing companies, compelling them to restructure their operations to meet the vast gap between demand and supply while ensuring workers’ safety. By employing computer vision applications and adopting new digital technologies, manufacturers can emerge from the crisis with safer, more resilient, and highly productive operations.

POSTED ON: March 17, 2021 TAG: Computer vision

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