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    How to Ensure Business Continuity During the COVID 19 Pandemic

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The global coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to pause and contemplate who the true heroes are. The doctors and nurses fighting to save lives, the long-haul truckers keeping supply chains open, and the delivery drivers and grocery store employees making sure we all have access to food and supplies are all on the frontline of this fight, and they deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. On the business side of things, the front-line responders to this crisis are IT professionals.

With the sudden and urgent need to move entire workforces online, CIOs and IT leaders are finding themselves at the center of efforts to keep business moving forward and ensure as much continuity as possible. The shift from on-premises to remote work for your entire team poses several challenges. If you’re an IT professional, here are 6 ways you can be a business first-responder during the coronavirus pandemic:

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