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    Tech and Connectivity Industry Trends in 2021

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No industry is left without feeling the impact of COVID-19, least of all the consumer technology and telecommunications industries. The initial outbreak of the virus disrupted global supply chains, forced businesses to cancel major industry conferences and events as part of containment efforts, and made people work-from-home (WFH) to maintain social distancing. Delayed business initiatives and missed partnership opportunities have been the key outcomes of the outbreak. Despite all this, coronavirus has brought some positives to the tech industry which will ultimately lead to their digital business transformation.

Tech and Connectivity Industry Trends in 2021

Not All is Bad
All that has happened due to the current pandemic is not unfavorable for industries across the globe. The tech industry will see growth in the years to come and the telecommunications industry will also witness a boom with 5G. How the growth in a few industries benefits other industries can be seen now and will be highly visible in the future.

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