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    The Changing Dynamics of Marketing in the New Normal

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Though the coronavirus pandemic has turned the whole world upside down with businesses suffering huge losses, we have been writing a new future during these months of self-isolation and lockdown. As pandemic-induced restrictions are lifted by governments and businesses reopen, marketers are leaving no stone unturned in building a strong digital customer experience. While granular monitoring of data and trends in consumer behavior has been key to planning, harnessing the imagination and understanding what the consumer of the novel economy will think, say, feel, and do is the most crucial for businesses. As we witness significant changes in consumer behavior, marketers need to be responsive and take careful and considerate steps.


Can you sustain the novel economy?

To survive these tough times and stay resilient in marketing, understanding, and acting according to the changing consumer behavior is of utmost importance. Though gaining insights from the valuable customer data is helpful, responding to the suggestions above will help your business thrive in the new normal and win the race of digital business transformation. It’s time to reimagine and modernize your playbook today!

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