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    Prevention is always
    better than cure

    Avoid costly breakdowns, improve reliability, and
    optimize performance with Predictive Maintenance

Did you know that unplanned downtime can cost a business nearly $532,000 per hour? The traditional maintenance approach involving regular
pre-scheduled checks and repairs has not been effective in controlling machine downtime.

It is time you switch to predictive maintenance to forecast and take preventive measures in advance to ensure optimum uptime. Leverage the insightful power of AI/ML to accurately predict faults in your machines and boost productivity while saving money.

How Does Our Predictive Maintenance App Work?

Select the key performance measuring metrics

Feed equipment and operational data at any volume

AI/ML engine starts crunching the data

See the predictive analysis in visualization charts

Discover What Our App Can Do For You

Upload a sample of your machine data and check
what our Predictive Maintenance app says about
your machine’s health.

Operational Excellence With Predictive Maintenance

40% reduction in maintenance costs

30% increase in uptime

30% increase in operational efficiency

Fully Customizable to meet your specific needs

Scalable Multi-industry application Achieve

Self-evolving ML models for continuous performance

Predictive accuracy to improve business decision-making

Robust security to protect your valuable data

In-built Data Visualization for easy understanding

Enabling Enterprises Across Industries
To Save And Achieve More

  • Predicting Maintenance for Automobiles
  • Predictive Maintenance for Data centers / Servers
  • Predictive Maintenance for Solar Panels.
  • Predicting Maintenance for Manufacturing units and Plants.
  • Predictive Maintenance for Photovoltaic plants.
  • Predictive Maintenance for Power Plants/Turbines
  • Predictive Maintenance for Forklifts
  • And many more industry applications