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Product Development

For over 4 years, Compunnel Digital has been managing the end-to-end development, support, and implementation of a digital product designed to stop terrorism by tracking the movement and activity of money management from the world’s financial institutions.

  • Company

    Founded over 100 years ago, this consulting organization has been leading the charge for the advancement of digital solutions for the US government.

  • Problem

    As the first commercial product for the organization, they didn’t have the resources internally to manage the full life-cycle of product development and support.

    • Client could not hire resources quick enough to handle customer implementations and customization requests
    • Limited understanding of product development led to significant performance inefficiencies and development re-work
    • As a premier consulting organization, their cost of internal development resources was becoming a significant challenge to profitability of the product.
  • Solution

    Client moved 100% of the product development to Compunnel Digital within 4 months.

    • Designed a cluster-based architecture on the HADOOP stack that increased product speed by 50%
    • Reduced development cost by 80% by implementing DevSecOps processes and deploying a hybrid of onsite and offshore resources
    • Client secured contracts with three of the North America’s largest financial institutions within one year of launch
Product Development

Digital Strategy

Transforming customer experience with a unique approach to strategy.

  • Company
  • Problem
  • Solution

A global leader in the mining industry, known for their continuous innovation to drive workplace safety and operational efficiency.

  • 150+ years in business
  • Over 50,000 employees
  • Partnered with Compunnel Digital in 2018

Our Client wanted to transform their customer experience, but they did not have a clear understanding of their customers’ challenges or internal capabilities.

  • Leadership team did not see eye-to-eye on the goals of the transformation program
  • Existing customer-facing applications operated independently of each other
  • Customer journey in mining sector is highly complex and unique for each organization

Five-week strategy session combining a Design Sprint activity with our proprietary Deep Journey Mapping methodology.

  • Design Sprint process unified the leadership team on customer experience transformation goals and priorities
  • Crafted a 3-layer Deep Journey Map that analyzed customer journey and the organizations ability to serve them.
  • Three-year roadmap was created that outlined key initiatives, timelines, and success criteria for reaching customer experience transformation.

Application Modernization

Rebuilding Avitru’s flagship product to target their next generation of users.

  • Company

    Avitru’s enables intelligent decisions that lead to constructing a world where better building inspires better lives.

    • Construction & Architecture Industry
    • 45+ Years in Business
    • Partner of Compunnel Digital for 7 years
  • Problem

    Avitru’s flagship product catered to an aging workforce that was quickly being replaced by the millennial generation.

    • Customer Experience: Desktop-only solution prohibited project collaboration, remote access, or mobile accessibility.
    • Software: Application built on a legacy WPF code base that was no longer supported by Microsoft.
    • Infrastructure: On-premise solution could not incrementally scale with speed, causing significant performance issues.
  • Solution

    Modernized a desktop-only product to a cloud-hosted SAAS product with an expanded feature set and omnichannel design.

    • Active users increased over 20% with the added delivery channels and collaborative features.
    • Shrunk infrastructure requirements of the application by over 50%.
    • Company was acquired by a private equity firm within 18 months of product launch.
Application Modernization

Cloud Transformation

Increasing scalability, security, and performance of a leading freelance website.

  • Company
  • Problem
  • Solution

Freelance website designed to provide skilled freelancers around the world the opportunity to find work.

  • SaaS Company
  • Over 3,500 daily concurrent users and over 900,000 a month
  • Partner of Compunnel Digital for 4 years

Inefficiencies in cloud architecture and a lack of cloud monitoring led to significant outages for customers and an increase in operating cost for the platform.

  • Down time: Sub-applications hosted on various tiers and layers contributed to significant outages.
  • Crashes: Recurring application crashes and business loss due to frequent DDOS attacks.
  • Response time: Inability to predict outages with limited internal resources led to significant loss of business.

An end-to-end cloud transformation, we rebuilt the AWS cloud architecture, installed cloud monitoring software, and dedicated an offshore team to provide 24/7 support.

  • Optimizing cloud architecture led to significant decreases in operating costs.
  • Uptime of application increased to 99.95% after implementing cloud monitoring tools that automatically identified and resolved performance issues before they led to outages.
  • Using a combination of the Dynamic IP Restrictions (DIR) module and PowerShell, all future DDOS attacks were prevented.

Self Service

Compunnel Digital transformed the sales order process into a digital self-service solution that is currently being used to drive all sales orders for a $100 million dollar on-demand packaging organization.

  • Company

    An innovator in packaging, this organization helps the world’s largest retailers to reduce their transportation costs and carbon footprint by printing shipping boxes on demand.

  • Problem

    All customer orders were placed on paper and faxed to our Client, which required significant manual intervention. This led to human error, customer frustration, and a higher cost of delivery.

    • Poor Customer Experience: Customers could only order products if they had access to a fax machine and had no way to review orders they have placed.
    • Small Margins: In an industry driven by small margins, our Client had to invest in a 4-person team to manually entering in sales orders in to SAP and sending order confirmations.
    • Lack of Integrations: Every order required someone to update 3 separate applications to book, fulfill, and confirm an order.
  • Solution

    Custom online ordering portal was created to digitize the order process and empower customers to serve themselves.

    • Integrated with SAP and two partner websites to fully automate order fulfillment.
    • Shrunk cost of delivery by over 50% by reducing the headcount required to support customer requests.
    • Increased orders by 30% within 6 months by transforming order placement to a 24/7, self-service model.
Application Modernization


Increasing the efficiency, reliability, and security of the IT ecosystem.

  • Company
  • Problem
  • Solution

Fast growing organization that supports brands in the US, UK, India, Japan, and Germany to perfect their ecommerce merchandise, marketplace management, and order fulfillment.

  • Retail Industry.
  • 300% Growth Year-Over-Year
  • Partner of Compunnel Digital for 2 years.

Organization operated on a revenue-sharing model that led to significant up-front costs to acquire new customers.

  • Development: Highly manual process to onboard new customers limited scale and decreased profitability.
  • Security: Geographically dispersed customers created a complex hosting environment for managing security standards and region-specific regulations.
  • Operations: Rapid growth with shortened timelines lead to less adherence to development standards.

End to end implementation of a DevSecOps process and technology that led to a 50% reduction in the onboarding and support costs.

  • Shifted the entire infrastructure to AWS to take advantage of the global server network and automated tools for predicting and reporting performance issues.
  • Removed the chance of human error in development by implementing automated code review, quality assurance and security scanning tools that were triggered with any change to the code.
  • Implemented robust security protocols, including multi-factor authentication, AWS Active Directory, password management, and device management.

Reporting and Analytics

In partnership with the premier provider of business mail, Compunnel Digital built an all-in-one platform for data aggregation, refinement, governance, an on-demand dashboard customization.

  • Company

    Our client manages millions of pounds of business-critical communication every year for global organizations.

    • Founded 30+ years ago
    • Logistics Industry
    • Partner of Compunnel Digital for 4 years
  • Problem

    Business executives did not have access to real-time information in a quick and meaningful format.

    • Reports lacked precision and intuitiveness
    • Wastage of resources in creating static reports without significant value.
    • Difficulty in predicting challenges that caused potential delays in outbound logistics.
    • Compiling reports from multiple data sources required manual intervention
  • Solution

    Compunnel transformed the client’s legacy environment with best in class Power BI solution that helps in unleashing the power of historical and real-time data to make better business decisions.

    • Access to view reports shrunk from hours to seconds
    • Implementing Power BI enabled customizable, user-specific, dashboards
    • Omni-channel design for desktop and mobile accessibility
Application Modernization

Digital Transformation

Aluvii partnered with Compunnel Digital to transform their in-house software,
into a world-class SaaS ERP solution to address a large gap in the Amusement and Recreation industry.

  • Company
  • Problem
  • Solution

Founded by Amusement Park owners who were frustrated with software options, Alluvii was officially launched 5 years ago after successfully transforming their ERP product into a SaaS offering.

Existing ERP solutions were not built to offer the digital experience of a modern customer and were not flexible enough for organizations to expand their business with new revenue channels.

Alluvii’s new product leveraged the best in cloud-based architecture, microservices, and omnichannel design; leading to a positive ROI within a single year.

  • Increased traffic to amusement parks by 40%
  • Doubled customer base every year since launch
  • UI/UX transformation increase user satisfaction scores by 35%