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Is Unplanned Asset Downtime Lowering Your Productivity?

Streamline asset maintenance and boost productivity with Compunnel’s Predictive Maintenance

Transform your manufacturing with a robust, intuitive, no-code solution to reduce unplanned downtime and maximize your production output. Leverage an Industry 4.0 solution to know in advance when an asset needs repairing. Schedule pre-emptive repairs and stock your spare parts inventory beforehand to better spend your maintenance budget.

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence With
Enhanced Asset Reliability

40% reduction in maintenance costs

30% increase in uptime

30% increase in operational efficiency

Usher in the Age of Smart Maintenance
with IoT & Predictive Analytics

IoT-driven Data Collection

Through smart sensors embedded in your assets to access real-time performance data

Targeted Metric Setting

To track your unique performance-impacting factors like velocity, temperature, pressure, etc

Self-evolving AI/ML Evaluation Models

For efficient data crunching and accurate assessments in real-time

Early Fault Alerts

Through triggers and alarms to help you avoid failures and hazardous situations

Power BI Visualization Reports

For easily understanding your asset’s future state and making informed decisions

Focused Solution Suggestions

To take effective preemptive corrective actions and ensure optimum asset uptime

Discover What Our App Says About The Future State
Of Your Machines

Upload a sample of your machine data and check what our Predictive Maintenance app says about your machine’s health.

Learn how we Enabled a leading Manufacturing Enterprise with
Stone Price Prediction application on Microsoft Azure powered
with MLOPs and AIOps.

Compunnel Digital helped the customer achieve reduction in
human involvement up to 40%.

Improve Asset Reliability With A Best-in-class
Reliability Engineering Solution

Ensure Prediction Accuracy with MLOps-powered Deployment

To counter data, model, concept drifts

Cost-efficient Platform agnostic Solution

That seamlessly integrates into your chosen cloud or on-premise environment

Optimized Performanace Efficiency Through Automated Governance

To generate better returns

Built-in Visualizations For Improved Decision-making

Through easy asset state understanding

Robust Information Security To Avoid Costly Breaches

That can harm your business reputation

Fully Scalable and Flexible Multi-industry application

That is easily customized for your specific asset environment

Enabling Enterprises Across Industries To Boost
Asset Lifespan & Production

  • Predicting Maintenance for Automobiles
  • Predictive Maintenance for Data centers / Servers
  • Predicting Maintenance for Manufacturing units and Plants
  • Predictive Maintenance for Solar Panels
  • Predictive Maintenance for Photovoltaic plants
  • Predictive Maintenance for Power Plants/Turbines
  • Predictive Maintenance for Forklifts
  • And many more industry applications

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence With
Enhanced Asset Reliability

Enhance Asset Performance

Reduce Costs

Improve User Safety

Connect with Industry 4.0 experts at Compunnel Digital, a global leader in tailoring
business-centered AI/ML solutions, to find answers to your asset maintenance problems.