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The Challenge

By 2025, 10% of enterprises that establish best practices of AI engineering will generate at least 3X more value from their AI efforts than 90% of enterprises that don’t. On top of it, research states that only 20-25% of AI projects see the light of success. Where does the gap lie? The challenge lies in prioritizing use cases and realizing tangible business value from AI & ML initiatives. Also, some prevalent challenges of AI/ML technologies include deployment inefficiency, unstructured Data Processing, Cybersecurity issues, integration to Augmented Intelligence & Cloud, Speech & Text AI enhancement, and establishing AI ethics. We implement best AI engineering practices blending DataOps, ModelOps and DevOps to create and maintain true production AI value. We operationalize updates to AI models and use integrated data & model development pipelines to deliver consistent business value from AI. The idea is to combine automated update pipelines with rock-solid AI governance. No matter how big the challenge is, our AI and ML experts are here to separate the AI hype from the computational realities.

AI and Machine Learning Services

Compunnel Digital’s AI & ML services combine end-to-end AI expertise with domain and industry
know-how to harness the true power of human-machine collaboration.

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