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  • DevSecOps

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    Shifting security from reactive to proactive for delivering secure applications.


It’s imperative for businesses to foresee change at the speed of digital. Traditional development models have been thrown over the wall as the organizations application delivery model has shifted from large-scale, project-based deliveries (Waterfall Model) to continuously evolving applications functioning in an agile environment powered by DevSecOps. But automating the continuous delivery pipeline with DevSecOps results in ambiguities among organizations to choose the appropriate mix of tools and infrastructure.

Thus, it’s crucial to understand DevSecOps practices that give a new way for solving the real-world issues like longer deployment cycles, lack of collaboration between teams, adaption to change stacked with security and quality concerns.


DevSecOps Services

Compunnel Digital utilizes its extensive experience and expertise to provide its customers with comprehensive DevSecOps services spanning strategy, planning, execution and managed services.

Automated Infrastructure

Provide agility to infrastructure by automating the processes through virtualization and configuration management with DevSecOps.

Code Inspection

Automate code inspection and deployment ready artifacts verification supported by continuous testing.

Deployment Orchestration

Configure continuous and single tool deployment across all environments.

Product Security

Create security centric product design to enable secure data management, access control and damage minimization aligned to container and microservices security guidelines.

Business Benefits