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The Overview

While legacy applications can be burdensome and inefficient, they represent years of accumulated experience and knowledge and still have much to offer your organization. Instead of replacing them with an entirely new program, breathe new life into your legacy applications by reengineering them to meet your modern business needs.

Compunnel Digital’s reengineering solutions help clients repurpose, rather than replace existing legacy systems to keep pace with evolving organizational and technology requirements. Our Application Reengineering & Modernization services include assessment, language or technology upgrades, database changes, and UI conversions. We help you revamp legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs.

Application Re-engineering Services

We help streamline innovation by deploying cutting-edge application development tools, empowering our clients to deliver value faster and improve their bottom line.

The Compunnel Digital Advantage

Proven Track Record

Using our proven experience and robust methodology in application design and architecture, we successfully re-engineer and migrate customer legacy applications. We specialize in extracting business knowledge from legacy systems and breathe new life into them, saving our clients time and money.

Domain Expertise

We have over 27 years’ experience working with legacy and modern technologies, and we are experts at flawlessly integrating systems to create custom and impactful solutions. Our team can reengineer applications for organizations of any size or industry, and we personalize the technology stack to best meet client needs.

Bespoke Solutions

Our team works in direct collaboration with our clients to identify changes that are easily adoptable without impacting delivery functions, which encourages stakeholder buy-in. Our competitive reengineering pricing is often significantly lower than the cost of developing new software.


Our application reengineering initiatives provide solutions that enable our clients to forge a new strategic roadmap for the future. Our processes and approach are focused on repurposing existing applications and developing future-enabled solutions that create and deliver long-term value to our clients.