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The Overview

As legacy IT systems become a hindrance to efficiency and smooth functioning of your business, you may fail to respond to the dynamic and competitive environment. This calls for modernizing your legacy landscape, thus driving reduced cost, increased agility, and mitigated risks. Legacy application modernization services enable you to transform your IT framework and applications with cutting-edge technology that leverages innovations in mobility, cloud, web, social, and analytics.

Compunnel Digital transforms the core of your technology, while ensuring the business keeps on running. Our strategy and architecture, time-tested methodology, and experience with agile, advanced DevOps, APIs, and microservices help you optimize and rationalize your application portfolio faster, while minimizing support costs and lowering ticket volumes.

Legacy Application Modernization Services

We deliver real business value with user experience driven modernization approach. Our team of application modernization specialists assist IT leaders achieve operational excellence and generate new business opportunities by integrating existing and new systems

The Compunnel Digital Advantage

Domain Expertise

We possess an unparalleled expertise and experience in application modernization and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, making your legacy systems more efficient and agile with our comprehensive application migration services. Our team of IT specialists improve application flexibility, while mitigating any risk of application failure to ensure business continuity.

Robust API Development

We specialize in developing enterprise-grade APIs employing REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON, and other protocols. We help you optimize your application portfolio faster by developing APIs that are well-documented, easily consumable, and highly reliable. You can be assured of following networking best practices as we implement original, open-source, and third-party API integration.

Minimum Disruption

Our application modernization approach mitigates risk and modernizes applications without disrupting your current business processes. We ensure our clients protect their custom application and software investments and utilize their existing IT systems to the optimum, while cutting on disruptions and expenses.


We prioritize your business objectives and align these objectives with the modernization path, timelines, and available resources. We never compromise with the quality of legacy application modernization services and support businesses across the globe to increase their ROI with novel designs, integration capabilities, and a highly transformative business approach.