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The Compunnel Microsoft Partnership


Compunnel Digital and Microsoft help businesses Run Better, Change Faster and Grow Bigger.

Our partnership is exclusively designed to accelerate innovation for our customers and lead the digital transformation journey. Driven by a common goal to outflank competition Compunnel Digital and Microsoft shares a strategic relationship which focuses on delivering exceptional customer experience, business transformation and operational excellence for our customers. With a trusted, legacy partnership of over 10+ years and an acclaimed Microsoft Gold Partner we bring our strength together to serve you with technology of tomorrow-today. We help our clients deliver real transformation results while reducing costs and increasing speed-to-market.

Our Microsoft Offerings

Cloud Migration to Azure

Migrating your applications and services to the cloud delivers agility and real businessa benefits, but the migration process must be as seamless and safe as possible. Let our experienced experts guide you on this highly technical endeavor. arrow_forward

Application Innovation

Gain agility and scalability with Microsoft application innovation. We can help you develop and deploy new line of business apps and modernize legacy business applications to meet today’s IT compliance needs and rapidly changing business needs. arrow_forward

Data Platforms & Analytics

Microsoft’s data and analytics platforms offer real-time insights for better decision making. Data is the new superpower that runs the core of an enterprise aspiring to be digital. We can help you make your data work for you. arrow_forward

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence amplifies human capabilities, and cognitive technologies are increasingly being used to solve business problems. With our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning we help organizations to unlock cognitive capabilities to deliver smart processes. arrow_forward

Business Applications

Intelligent business applications are the enabler of digital transformation—a business strategy that requires leaders to re-envision existing business models and embrace a different way of bringing together people, data, and processes to create value and capture new opportunities. arrow_forward

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