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The peril of outdated manual processes is creating an operational risk for the organizations. This is leading to inefficiencies and errors, disrupting scale, which is reducing performance and profitability. The precious people resources are at stake due to these redundant and inefficient processes.

To optimize operations and improve efficiencies one needs to automate manual, data intensive and repetitive tasks. Our cognitive bots create smarter processes by combining robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. This replicates user actions which reduces or eliminates human intervention in humdrum, repetitive, and manually intensive processes. Thus, our cognitive bots deliver streamlined business performance and customer experiences with more efficient and effective operations.


Robotics Process Automation Services

We at Compunnel Digital provide end to end RPA services, enabling clients to automate processes across organization. With our expertize in artificial intelligence and machine learning we help organizations to unlock cognitive capabilities of RPA enabled bots to deliver smart processes.

Business Process Automation

Automate repetitive and manual business operations leveraging attended and unattended Bots, thus, enabling business users to focus on other high-value tasks.

IT Process Automation

Enhance efficiency of mundane IT processes by implementing cognitive bots which provides efficient and quick turnaround in incident management while reducing downtime with 24*7 assistance.

Intelligent Automation

Provide artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies coupled with RPA to automate complex and subjective work to deliver intelligent operations.

RPA Integration Services

Integrate RPA bots with enterprize applications, business workflows, enterprise data warehouses via Rest APIs.

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