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The Compunnel Snowflake Partnership

Compunnel Digital and Snowflake help businesses build best-in-class analytic environments with unmatched visibility and flexibility.

Our partnership aims at setting the stage for businesses for long-term growth and sustainability with business intelligence. United by a vision of powering business with the ability to delve deeper into data, Compunnel Digital and Snowflake are committed to helping businesses leverage innovative cloud-based solutions for extracting key information and forge ahead with winning decisions. With the leading data warehouse built for the cloud, we help you democratize data across your organization like never before and stay ahead of the competition curve. From creating a simple proof of concept to developing an enterprise data warehouse to customized Snowflake training programs, we have got all your data needs covered.

Our Snowflake Offerings

Snowflake Implementation

We help you manage and implement Snowflake DW, a reliable and automated platform with reduced risks and lower costs. This will not only enable optimized efficiency but also enhance performance standards, paving your way for faster business growth.

Migration to Snowflake

Before migration, it is essential to probe into which processes will be affected, process migration prioritization, cost implications, evaluation of success criteria, and more. Compunnel Digital helps you develop a solid plan and enable seamless data source migration to Snowflake.

Data Management & Integration

Your existing data analytics, BI solutions, ERP, and CRM systems are integrated into Snowflake for ensuring smooth mobility of data. Our Snowflake experts are well-versed in the integration and management of your data without compromising on security or compliance standards.

Data Warehouse-As-a-Service

We provide Data warehouse-as-a-service to direct organizations’ focus on growth by optimizing hardware and maintenance costs, improving performance, implementing data driven insights to realize time-to-value, and more.

Cloud Data Analytics

Our Snowflake cloud services integrate your analytics with the platform’s competencies using scalable computation. This not only warrants low running costs but also excellent security and efficiency of data connections to analytic software.

Snowflake Consulting & Assistance

We bring along an array of functionalities to help you solve business problems and overachieve your goals. The platform’s potential is fully harnessed to amplify performance, resource utilization, data sharing and analytics, and more.

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