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The Compunnel Tableau Partnership


Compunnel Digital and Tableau power visual analysis to transform data from an underutilized asset to a competitive advantage.

Our partnership is exclusively designed to help organizations discern valuable insights through interactive dashboards that allow you to slice, dice, and analyze data in real time. Driven by a common goal to drive massive change with data, Compunnel Digital and Tableau help organizations put data at the center of decision-making and capitalize on new opportunities to foster innovation, build resiliency, and experience transformation. As a certified Tableau partner helping businesses derive value from intuitive BI, we equip you with Tableau’s visual analytics capabilities to transform the way your organization uses data for problem solving.

Our Tableau Offerings

Tableau Implementation

We go deep into data infrastructure and shuffle it for advanced processing in Tableau for you to acquire ground-breaking insights. We help obtain valuable analytics for improving your business processes and enhancing your services.

Tableau Migration

Whether it is transfer of business data from another BI tool to Tableau or vice versa, our consultants ensure end-to-end hassle-free migration. We warrant smooth transfer without any data loss or corruption while upholding platform’s uptime.

Tableau Data Integration

Our expertise helps you integrate Tableau with your everyday software, sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and create a single source of truth. We manage your data and filter important bits for integration onto Tableau dashboards.

Tableau Dashboard Development

We transform your most valuable internal reports into powerful executive dashboards with custom-made visualizations. These dashboards help enterprises take a confident plunge into data-driven decision making.

Tableau Report Development

Through interactive Tableau reports, we help you discern crucial data trends, predict forecasts, and analyze data at granular levels by slicing it as per your business requirements. Decode your capabilities through data in seconds.

Tableau Support & Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services cover every potential issue you can run into during your daily use or upgradation of Tableau. New features, anomalies in data connection, installation, or anything else- we’ve got the solution for you.

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