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  • The State of IT Report 2021

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Industry Trends on Key Challenges, Growth Drivers, and Digital Expansion


In 2021, the definition of ‘change’ for the IT industry has changed. In this day and age, change in the IT industry is more about going beyond mere business enablement and fostering new levers of growth. In the wake of Covid-19, businesses across the globe are changing and accommodating drastic shifts in workforce alignment, customer engagement, and market whereabouts. Amid all this chaos, resilience and relevance are the two key factors that can uphold your organization’s growth in 2021 and beyond. This report gives you a deep dive into the ever-changing dynamics of IT in 2021 and lays bare faster approaches to harness technology in the post-pandemic era.


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  • Challenges IT Leaders Would Face in 2021 and Solutions to Them
  • Key Drivers of IT Transformation in 2021
  • How IT is Poised to Drive Businesses in 2021
  • The State of IT Spend in 2021
  • Priority vs Investment Matrix for Technology Rationalization
  • State of Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
  • State of Digital Workplace