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Webinar: Bring Your Data to Life with Tableau Data Visualization


Reach the right audience at the right time to empower your business

Your data is only as valuable as the story it tells. Many organizations have embraced visualization tools that create stunning presentations, but a beautiful dashboard is useless if it isn’t functional. When developing a data visualization solution, you must first identify the highest priority end user or group and ask yourself: who will be using this data? What challenges do they face, and what roadblocks prevent them from overcoming these challenges? Asking these questions will help create meaningful and insightful data visualization dashboards that will dazzle your users.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify a specific audience and address their needs
  • How to prioritize the business challenges that can be solved with data visualization
  • Lessons learned by industry experts when deploying analytics across the enterprise
  • How to educate users and increases adoption rates of your data visualization solution

About the Speaker:


Srinivasa Jallu

Director – Enterprise Data & Insights for Compunnel Digital

With over 18 years’ experience in the data space, he has an intimate knowledge of all data platforms and architectures and has led data projects for many Fortune 500 companies. His expertise in the data space is second-to-none, and with his depth of experience working with offshore and remote teams, he’s uniquely qualified to help organizations navigate the new normal.

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