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Webinar: Carve Your Path to Operational Excellence with Power BI!!

Power of Storytelling with Data; Increase Operational Efficiencies, Scalability and Standardization.


There is pool of data around us but still CIO’s of various organisations struggle to take effective business decisions. They have tried various business intelligence tools available, but are still struggling for a tool with single platform reporting, augmented analytics, which can connect with existing infrastructure through various data sources like salesforce, excel, IoT devices, google analytics etc., requires no or minimal training and is low on cost.

Join us in this webinar to learn how to create compelling dashboards that can enable you to take informed & Intelligible business decisions that enables you to scale operational efficiency. This also empowers you with meaningful and visually appealing output with 360*view of your organization.

All this and more from our BI expert who is going to showcase this path step by step through a live industry DEMO.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to create the operational Reports/Dash Boards using power BI?
  • Business user driven Dash boards or Self BI.
  • How to reduce the complexity of the data?
  • How power BI can be act as a single view for multiple datasets?
  • Live DEMO with industry usecase.

Featured Speakers:


Srinivasa Jallu

Director Data Practice, Digital Engineering
Compunnel Digital


Prasad Gadde

Practice Head, Enterprise Data & Insights,
Compunnel Digital

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