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Webinar: Harness the Power Of Data Visualization & Data Mining to Make Smart Business Decisions

Get the most out of your data mining efforts with dazzling visualizations


Why do we need to visualize data? Of course, data mining algorithms can uncover hidden data patterns, but as an alternative visual exploration has proven as an effective tool in data mining. Data visualization is taking the data mining space by storm. Both of these technologies, mining and visualization, were developed from mathematical methods of pattern recognition and probabilistic theories to deal with unstructured, time varying, and fuzzy data in huge amounts. Such techniques allow for finding correlations, relations and assertions.

In this webinar we will touch upon some of the main tasks associated with data mining and visualization, as well as the techniques to achieve them.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How data visualization helps in the data mining space
  • Understand the different data visualization techniques
  • Understand the different applications of data mining
  • How to identify the best data visualization techniques for data mining
About the Speaker:


Srinivasa Jallu

Director – Enterprise Data & Insights, Compunnel Digital,

Srinivasa Jallu possesses 18+ years of experience in Software Development, Big Data Design, Data Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. He has led data projects for many Fortune 500 companies. His expertise in the data space is second-to-none, and with his depth of experience working with offshore and remote teams, he’s uniquely qualified to help organizations navigate the new normal.

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