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Webinar: Uncover Business Value with Modern MSP Partner in 2020!

Planning for Cloud Transformation? Choose the Modern Managed Service Provider.


Finding the right Modern Managed Services Partner that meets your Organizational needs is Essential for a Successful Cloud Migration.

You need to adopt a zero-maintenance methodology and only a Modern Managed Services Partner can drive you through this cloud Transformation journey painlessly.

This webinar lends you insights into how managed services help you effectively navigate the cloud adoption and migration process, connect more seamlessly with customers, and become more functional.

Join the webinar to gain more insights with a live industry case study.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why your business and IT need strategic alignment.
  • Addressing needs for skills and training within your organization.
  • How engaging a managed services partner can accelerate digital transformation.
  • Questions to ask from a managed services partner.
  • Sample industry leading case study.
  • Recommendations for business continuity and success.
  • Key Focus Areas: Data, Security, Compliance, Governance, Automation, Support.

Featured Speakers:


Karthik Natrajan

Sr. Vice President, Cloud Services,
Compunnel Digital


Himanshu Kumar

Vice President, Digital Solutions,
Compunnel Digital

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