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  • Workshop

    Take the Guesswork
    Out of Transformation

    Proven workshops designed to align stakeholders,
    uncover challenges, and validate solutions.

Design Sprint

We facilitate Google’s Design Sprint sessions for companies looking to compress months of designing, building, launching, and iterating into just 5 days. This intensive workshop helps companies quickly validate their digital transformations and increases stakeholder alignment by removing barriers for them to freely collaborate on a key initiative.

  • Map & Sketch

    Sprint welcomes all team members to put their brains together and identify the problem to be solved, as well as possible solutions.

  • Decide & Storyboard

    The team narrows down the solutions to find the verybest ones and brings them to life through storyboarding.

  • Prototype

    You create a prototype of the solution that you can test with your users. You just need to build a minimum viable product (MVP) that enables you to get feedback from real users.

  • Test

    Its time for you to test and validate your prototype with real-life users and learn by watching them react to it.

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Customer Deep Journey Mapping

We dive deeper into the customer experience with our proprietary 3-layer review, which analyzes not just the What, but also the Why, and the How. Our Deep Journey Mapping process also merges the customer journey with your organizational resources (people, process, technology) to provide additional insight into key pain points.


User Interface & Experience Design

Whether the technology is customer facing or internal, user interface and experience are the two most important factors to driving adoption. Our full-service approach can completely transform the user experience and interface of your applications, or merely supplement what is currently being developed internally

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